Tomáš "Doug" Machalík

Square Dance Caller
Calling Beginners through Advanced 2

Hello! Welcome to my web page!

I am a Square Dance caller located in the Czech Republic (Central Europe). I started to call in March 1997 and I am curently calling Basic (or any of its parts) through Advanced 2. I strive for high-energy up-beat dancing with choreography that is as smooth as possible while providing variety as well as reasonable amount of mental challenge. I try to provide variety through music as well – from traditional Square Dance tunes to modern sound, alternative music and karaoke tracks.

I will be happy to call for you – in person or over the Internet using Skype (if you want to try)!

You can meet me at the following clubs on more or less regular basis:

I also try to call for the Onego Wave Dancers (RU) over Skype on irregular basis. It is a lot of fun!

Apart from calling, I conduct caller seminars and I also try to be active in the following caller associations:

I believe in caller cooperation, in exchanges of ideas and in providing variety to our dancers so I publish my ideas and articles to share with others:

I also try to share my limited knowledge and experience with those who are interested in learning something new. I conduct caller seminars and I also published several dozens of articles and a book named I Want To Be a Caller! for beginner callers (unfortunately, it is available in Czech only).

I am one of the producers of the ABC Records. I took part on the flip-side of four singing-calls:

I also maintain the website of the Riverboat Records as well as a similar website of the ESP Records. I can be heard on the flip-side of the Yo Ano (RIV 274) singing-call (in Croatian).

There are some Square-Dance-related videos with me publicly available (more can be found on Facebook or VKontakte):

You might also want to check some footage from jams at various dances:

Some other information and links:

Last update: March 3, 2013